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The journey can become gruesome, and so is every hero’s tale. You are not alone!

My Fees

My Fee and Insurance

Cost per Session for Individuals: $200
Cost per Session for Couples/Families: $250

Pay By: American Express, Check, Mastercard, Visa


My clients work with me through Medi-Cal, Kaiser, and private insurance. Although I am considered an out-of-network provider, most insurance companies will pay a percentage of your fee. If you prefer, I can submit your insurance claim for you to help you get reimbursed. 

Online Therapy

Online and In-Person Therapy

Online Therapy gives us greater flexibility as we can work together from any location and has been especially important during this current coronavirus pandemic. In this time of elevated stress, anxiety, and loneliness virtual psychotherapy can provide much needed relief. Online therapy is commonly covered by insurance just the same as in-person therapy. 

In-Person Therapy

I am currently available for in-person therapy at 307 South B Street in San Mateo, CA. After having spent more time than usual at home during this pandemic, you may find spending time in another location to be a part of the healing process. You may also prefer not having to rely on technology and Internet connections. I am happy to work with you in whichever mode you find most comfortable. 

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