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You don't have to walk the road alone.


About Me

We all know that the road of life is not always straight. There can be bumps, twists and turns, and obstacles that throw us off track. In those times, it helps to have someone come along side to give us the inspiration and motivation we need to move forward, maybe even with a spring in our step. 

I can walk with you through anxiety, stress, depression, transitions, trauma, conflicts, abuse, infidelity, divorce, school issues,  low self esteem, sexual issues, and many other life challenges. 

I work with children, teens, and adults. I believe everyone has innate strength that they can access to overcome any challenge. My purpose is to help people identify and grow this strength.


I use a variety of therapeutic skills and techniques to help you achieve the results you desire. Whenever helpful, I offer art therapy as a creative way to explore life's challenges and develop self awareness. 

Our therapeutic goal is to create a desired change that will outlast our sessions and can be carried through various life experiences. 

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